About Me
     Born outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, I spent my early years adjacent to a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, witnessing double and triple arched rainbows, before moving back to New Orleans, where custom and culture served me well.  As I grew to observe the ever-evolving world around me, I became fascinated by the connection and interface between the body and mind.  Curiosity persists, and through the grace of life's lessons, I recognize that nourishment of spirit, as the core of our effervescent human nature, IS vitality.

     Currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I have vast training in Western and Eastern healing modalities, including adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, general pediatrics, integrative and functional medicine, psychoanalysis, Ayurveda, and yoga.

     It is my mission to improve the health and happiness of our communities by supporting children and families in wellness.  By growing in wellness, within a sound and structured environment, with good nutrition and high vibration, positive change will happen.  I hope you will join and support me in this mission.  My practice encompasses a broad outlook on the mysterious biodynamic system: body, mind, and soul.  I work with clients, one on one, in a step by step process, to achieve aspirations for a healthy, fulfilling life, full of energy, grace, and ease.  With deep appreciation for the wonderful microcosm within each of us, we will explore the unending creative and healing capacity of our marvelous selves.

     If you have been waiting to step into the life you've always imagined and are concerned about your health, and that of your children and family, please schedule an initial consultation with me today.

Life Transition Therapy * 110 Delgado Street * Suite D * Santa Fe, New Mexico * 87501  * 505.428.9504 * sudharanikailas@gmail.com